Weekly Celebration

CenterPoint Celebration Sunday Service Time: 10AM

All services interpreted for the Deaf.


Current Series: 

March 16-April 20
In this series we’ll consider how the events of Jesus’ life are linked with our own. Come and see how, despite 2000 years separating us, we are still linked with Jesus.

3/16 … “Linked in Baptism”
3/23 … “Linked in Temptation”
3/30 … “Linked in Mission”
4/6 … “Linked in Power”
4/13 … “Linked in Suffering”
4/18 … “Linked in Death”
4/20 … “Linked in Life”

Next Series:

April 27-May 18
This series summarizes what needs to be done to get ready a summer of effective ministry. Pastor Dave prepares for a sabbatical away by sharing in one-word summaries what he hopes we will all do to maximize the upcoming months. Get equipped for summer as he does some summer-izing of these key points!.

4/27 … “Believe”
5/4 … “Reach”
5/11 … “Love”
5/18 … “Commit”




Our morning generally looks like this…

  • Welcome and a prayer from Eric, our worship director, or Pastor Dave
  • Sing a couple songs with our praise band
  • Share a few announcements
  • Take the offering (Speaking of the offering – when the offering is taken for ministry expenses, don’t feel obligated to give. We’re not after your money – we care about you (really!). So feel free to let the offering plate pass you by and let us give and minister to you as our guest.)
  • Pastor Dave will share an encouraging and relevant message
  • We’ll sing another song and close with a blessing

The service should last about an hour – give or take a few minutes.

BUT we also have a Sunday now and then that looks nothing like this, but is extra special… so be prepared!

You’ll also find that CenterPoint seeks to utilize modern arts and technology in order to worship in a way that reflects our times. We use video images and PowerPoint presentations to make our music and messages visually rich. We also use short dramas, movie clips, interviews, and other visual arts to creatively engage your heart, so that you can worship God with your spirit, and to engage your mind, so you can also worship Him in truth (John 4:24)